HGH Express Service

Book your trip in and out of CDMX on the same day and save money on hotels and more.

Is Buying HGH Legal?

Learn about the legalities of buying HGH abroad and traveling home with medications.

How To Get HGH

Learn the ins and outs of buying HGH in Mexico. Know the process before you buy.

Get An HGH Prescription

Information on why HGH prescriptions are required and how to get one in Mexico.

Where To Get HGH

View our service area in Mexico and have the medications sent right to you.

Have GHT

Check whether you have HGH covered insurance and what do do if you don't.

HGH Blood Tests

Get a list of required blood tests – save time and money by planning in advance.

Approved Somatropin

Get more info as to what approved somatropin is and what to look out for when purchasing.

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