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Genotropin ® Pen
by Pfizer
For Sale

Genotropin HGH is a registered brand of the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer. It is one of the most popular brands worldwide and is well-renowned among endocrinologists. The Go Quick pens come in two ready-to-use presentations which are 5.3mg / 16IU and 12mg / 36IU. Genotropin is a reliable and trusted brand of human growth hormone.

Package Prices for Genotropin

60mg | 180iu

Package One
$ 2499
  • 5 x 12mg / 36iu Boxes
  • Needle Tips
  • Travel Cooler
  • Ice Packs
  • Prescription

120mg | 360iu

Package Two
$ 3599
  • 10 x 12mg / 36iu Boxes
  • Needle Tips
  • Travel Cooler
  • Ice Packs
  • Prescription
  • Shipping (National)*

240mg | 720iu

Package Three
$ 6499
  • 20 x 12mg / 36iu Boxes
  • Needle Tips
  • Travel Cooler
  • Ice Packs
  • Prescription
  • Bloodwork
  • Shipping (National)*
Big Saver

How long will each package last?

The chart below shows the duration in days depending on your daily dosage (left) and the total package amount (top). For example, 180IU at 2IU a day would last 90 days. 

60mg / 180iu120mg / 360iu240mg / 720iu
0.66mg | 2iu Per Day90 Days180 Days360 Days
1.33mg / 4iu Per Day45 Days90 Days180 Days
2.00mg / 6iu Per Day30 Days60 Days120 Days
2.67mg / 8iu Per Day22 Days45 Days90 Days

Genotropin Video

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Genotropin Price Explained

Genotropin is typically sold in packages of eg. 720IU to avoid unnecessary travel back and forth to Mexico. However, if you are interested in the individual Genotropin Price then we are happy to provide it. One Genotropin 12mg / 36IU Go Quick pen would cost you $329.00usd if you were to buy just one with us.

What is the Genotropin cost difference in Mexico?

If you were to investigate the Genotropin cost in the US you will get a shock. Especially when you learn your insurance won’t cover the treatment. According to GoodRX.com, the same Genotropin 12mg pen cost would be just under $1700.00usd – that’s a massive $1350.00usd difference between buying in Mexico and buying in the US. Not only that but the process to buy the Genotropin Pen in the US can be extremely complicated. So let’s move on to how to buy Genotropin in Mexico.

Can You Buy Genotropin Online?

Unfortunately, you can’t buy Genotropin online as it is a controlled medication that requires a prescription. But don’t worry, there are plenty of easy ways to buy Genotropin with the right HGH blood tests. With the money you save on buying in Mexico, you will be able to afford the travel to Mexico to collect the medication with us – it’s a simple and fast process. You can also verify that the product is 100% authentic before you pay.

Is the Genotropin for Sale authentic?

Absolutely! All of the products we carry, including our Genotropin for sale are 100% authentic. The products are imported directly from Pfizer and approved by Cofepris, which is similar to the FDA in Mexico. The products you receive can be verified at any point. If you have any doubts please feel free to ask us anytime and our friendly staff will be happy to assist.

Genotropin Pen Support and Guidelines

When it comes to product support for the Genotropin pen, we have you covered! The HGH dosage will be decided by the doctor and included in your prescription and protocol. We also recommend visiting the official Genotropin website.  You will find usage guidelines and general information including instructions, benefits, and side effects of the treatment.

Genotropin Pens | Conclusion

In conclusion, the Genotropin pens are a great choice for those who are looking for a well-established brand of HGH with great official support and resources. The pens are very user-friendly and the price is accessible.

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