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HGH Prescription

Getting an HGH Prescription

We are often asked about getting a prescription for HGH, and that’s normal. We’d like to clarify a few things to put your mind at rest before deciding to buy HGH injections. To start things off, let us talk about how to get a prescription and what is entailed.


How to get an HGH Prescription

To get a prescription you must follow the medical process as it is the doctor who will write it and in it, your HGH dosage. The medical process is quick, easy, and painless. This brings us to our next question which is “ok, so what is the medical process?”

How to get a prescription from a Doctor

To get a prescription for HGH from a doctor, you must complete a blood panel – which you can find here. We arrange the blood draw for when you arrive in Mexico. More than often right at your hotel, first thing in the morning. When we get the results back the doctor can then analyze them and look for any underlying health issues. They can also check your general health and current production of growth hormones. This information will contribute to your dosage moving forward.

Does a Prescription have a Cost?

A prescription does not have a cost, what do have costs are the blood panel and the doctors’ consultation fee, but at HGHmx, we cover that so you don’t need to worry. Our published prices take into account the fees if the medication is for an adult. The process is a little more complex for children and may need additional paid consultations – this will be arranged and agreed upon so there are no surprises!

Can you get a Prescription Online?

We do not offer prescriptions online as you need to follow the medical process, which generally requires physical presence. If you are unable to visit us, please arrange to have your bloodwork done and the HGH results sent over to us at info@hghmx.com so our doctor can analyze them. We can arrange to have medication sent with a prescription anywhere within Mexico, providing the necessary bloodwork is complete.

Is HGH Legal with a Prescription?

Yes, HGH is legal with a prescription, not only is it legal but to enter the US you are required to have a valid prescription with your medication. For more information on the legalities, we recommend that you verify the legalities directly on the corresponding authority websites. You can find those links here.

Do I need a prescription to buy HGH?

Yes, to buy HGH and return to the US it is necessary that you have a valid prescription, stating your dosage from a certified Mexican doctor.


To conclude, when you buy HGH with us, you will receive all you need, including a prescription with your dosage from a certified Mexican doctor. Providing proper analysis has been completed and you are eligible to begin an HGH treatment.

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