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HGH Dosage

Understanding HGH Dosage

If you are wondering what is the correct Dosage for you, then you are in the right place. Let’s first take a look at why an HGH dosage can be applied differently for certain scenarios. Below we will dive into what the different applications for dosages are depending on your needs. But remember, we always recommend following your HGH prescription and official usage guidelines by the product manufacturer. The HGH dosage can also be affected by certain conditions, including Turner Syndrome, Prader Willi among others.

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What is the HGH Dosage For Men?

This is a complicated question to answer and the final dosage for men will be decided by the acting doctor. The doctor will use a series of blood studies – more specifically GH and IGF1 – to determine your current natural production. Once you reach the age of  ≈30 your natural production begins to decline and continues to decline until old age. The dosage may be different depending on age. The HGH dosage for men is generally based on body weight, age, and your current natural levels. Generally, we see male adults on a dosage of around 2IU per day.

What is the HGH Dosage for Women?

The correct HGH dosage for women requires a very similar analysis than for men as they are both considered as HGH for Adults. There are some additional tests but finally, the dosage will be determined by your age, weight, and current natural levels.

The right HGH Injection Dosage for Children

HGH was first developed for children who are not reaching their full potential during their critical growth. An endocrinologist will use various studies and present growth charts, which then in turn are used to plan what their natural growth should look like. Once this is complete a child can then be prescribed as much as 8IU per day to allow them to reach their new planned growth curve. There are also other factors to look at when prescribing a child HGH, which affects their dosage, these being certain conditions including Prader-Willi, Short-Stature, Turner Syndrome, and more. For more information on HGH for Children, you can visit our dedicated section on the main menu.

Is there a dosage for weight loss?

Although HGH wasn’t designed for weight loss, many seek to use it for this. There are no official studies to support this but the theory is intriguing. HGH promotes the growth of many things including bone, cartilage, and muscle, it also improves recovery time which in turn, could help burn fat. An interesting article that dives deeper into this is from MensHealth magazine, where there are case studies for you to en

Where to Find an HGH Cycle Dosage?

The doctor or acting physician has the final decision over your HGH Cycle Dosage. This will be found on the prescription provided to you. The HGH cycle will be based upon the studies previously mentioned. They will be carefully calculated depending on specific factors including weight, age, condition among other things.


As a pharmacy, we always recommend that you follow the doctor’s written prescription and guidance to avoid any unexpected side effects.

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