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Growth Hormones for Kids

Growth Hormones for Kids

If you are concerned as a parent that your child may have a deficiency in the production of growth hormone, we can help you provide medical assistance you need. Get in touch with us so that you can take the first step to get growth hormones for your kids, so they grow up healthy and strong.

What is Somatropin for Kids?

GH, or Somatropin, is produced by the pituitary gland (hypophysis) which is found in the brain. It is responsible for increasing height, muscle mass, reducing body fat, and controlling its metabolism. Some people are born with a deficiency in growth hormones, which leads to various health problems. Some medications contain this hormone and manage to stabilize the level of somatropin and avoid future complications.

How to get HGH for children prescribed

The doctor will perform a series of critical tests to determine your child’s bone age, insulin growth factor, secretion level of somatropin, among other things. Depending on the results, growth hormones may be prescribed to cover the possible lack of growth hormones.

Some of the Conditions which require Growth Hormones

There are some diseases or disorders for which the use of growth hormone is usually indicated, such as:

Symptoms of growth hormone deficiency in kids

  • Short stature
  • Younger appearance compared to other boys their age
  • Low energy
  • Poor tolerance to exercise and strength
  • Dry and thin skin
  • Decreased muscle mass
  • Slow growth rate
  • Anxiety, sadness, and/or depression

If you notice one or more of symptoms or are suspicious that your son or daughter may have a growth hormone deficiency, see your child’s health expert as soon as possible.

Dosage of Growth Hormones for Kids

The pediatric endocrinologist can calculate the starting dose based on weight and the problem being treated. In subsequent visits, the doctor will increase the dosage depending on the desired effect and puberty stage. The duration of growth hormone treatment depends on how well the injections work on the child’s height and how puberty affects the child’s growth.

Doses are usually given through daily injections. The treatment usually lasts several years, although the applications may vary if the doctor considers it necessary. A therapy that starts early is more likely to be successful than one that starts late. The child can reach an average height for his age if the process begins in his first years of life.

Getting Growth Hormones for Kids at HGHmx

In Mexico City, we have laboratories and pediatric specialists on hand. If your child is diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency, we can provide you with all you need to save money and help your child grow.

The medications used by HGHmx are approved by the FDA and are the same brands that you can find in the United States of America. At HGHmx, we will take care of taking you step by step until you are back home, including your medication to have your HG therapy.


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