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HGH Side Effects

Understanding HGH Side Effects

To understand the potential side effects of HGH, we must first look at how it works and what happens in the body. Growth hormone is not a drug in the strict sense but, it is bio-identical, and is produced naturally in the body. So the injections are essentially replenishing or complimenting your natural production. Most side effects appear at the beginning of treatment and depending on the dose. Symptoms usually disappear after a few weeks or when lowering the dose.

In the case of growth hormone, the relationship between utility and side effects is extremely favorable to the former. Therefore, the dosage must be correct and individualized. Sex, age, weight and, the coexistence of other diseases are factors that the doctor will take into account when establishing the dose for each patient. This is to avoid any possible side effects that could occur.

Side Effects of HGH Injections

Often hormone side effects reflect normalization and are usually due to an accumulation of water. At the beginning of the treatment, headaches, swelling of the hands and feet, and pain in the joints may appear.

HGH Side Effects | Find out the Risks at HGH Mexico

In isolated patient cases, the appearance of carpal tunnel syndrome (tingling, pain, and decreased strength in the hands) has occured. All these will decrease or even disappear when reducing the doses. Less commonly, redness or itching occurs at the injection site, which may express an overreaction to the preservatives in the solution.

Here are a few common questions:

What are HGH Side Effects in Men?


What is HGH for Women Side Effects?

The answer is, they are, for the most part, the same.

The benefits may vary, along with the dosage, however, the side effects should not differ greatly. Most side effects are related to an elevated dosage – these can be avoided by following a few simple steps. Follow the doctors’ protocol, use the tick boxes to track your progress, and add comments on the weekly notes section. We also have dedicated sections for HGH for men and HGH for women you can visit for more information.

HGH Weight Loss Side Effects

If you follow your treatment correctly, no weight loss side effects should occur. As described above, HGH is bio-identical and therefore limits the side effects which may occur.

Monitoring Somatropin Side Effects

We advise that you do checkups after you start your treatment – ideally every 3 months. The specialist doctor has to determine the correct dose, check the effects of the growth hormone and quickly detect any side effects to counteract them.


To be on the safe side, you must keep in mind the potential side effects that can be caused by HGH. If you carry out your HGH therapy in an orderly and supervised manner based on your goals, the side effects are minimized. If you are asking yourself “and how do I do it that way?”. It is very simple – being supervised by the doctor, doing the panel of laboratory studies, and above all learning to listen to your body. As of now, little is known about long-term side effects, that is, from 3 years onwards since scientific studies are too scarce.

We encourage you to follow the protocol provided to you by the doctor. You should tick the boxes to keep track of your progress. Also, use the weekly notes section to add any comments which the doctor can then use for analysis.

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