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GHT Insurance

Does Insurance Cover HGH Therapy?

In some cases yes, however, you will need to contact your insurance company for more details on HGH. Insurers will cover some conditions treated with HGH – if it is a proven and approved treatment option by the FDA. If it is not, then HGH use is considered off-label and will not be included.

For example, there is an interesting resource by the PWS Association which covers this topic. HGH can also be included for the treatment of ISS.

HGH Insurance | Does Your Insurance Cover GHT | HGH Mexico

Insurance Coverage for Growth Hormone

This issue affects many people in the United States as they either do not have insurance for medical expenses. Or, the insurance they have contracted does not explicitly cover growth hormone therapy. HGH therapy can be extremely costly in the US, and growth hormone therapy needs to be approved by a medical professional.

What about GHT in Mexico

In Mexico, the same medical procedures are required to buy HGH, but the costs of GHT are much more affordable using the same medications and the same providers as in the US.

Is growth hormone deficiency covered in my insurance policy?

We recommend calling your insurance company directly as each policy is different and includes different treatments. The insurer will be able to advise you if or not they cover treatment. If your plan includes HGH treatment, they will guide you on how to get HGH and medical assistance.

What if my insurance Doesn’t Cover HGH Therapy

If your insurance policy does not cover HGH, then you will need to look at other options. It becomes expensive as the US prices for growth hormones are way higher than in Mexico, even more so when you consider the length of treatment, which can differ depending on the condition. We offer you the HGH therapy at a much more affordable cost than the prices handled in the United States.

HGH Insurance Coverage from the Manufacturers

There are many options for affordable treatment directly with the manufacturers. One of which is NovoCare, which can guide you through the process. There are various other options available, including the Magic Foundation to help answer questions and provide treatments.

Can HGH Mexico provide HGH Therapy?

We can provide the care that you, your son, or your daughter needs with medical professionals. We also supply the medication at a much lower cost, which will assure you that you can afford to pay for treatment.


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