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HGH Tests

HGH Blood Tests | Overview

Our specially selected specialist doctors are here to help you or your child reach their goals and understand the process with some standard HGH Blood Tests; with their years of experience, they can accurately diagnose and indicate treatment.

Before purchasing HGH, you or your child must first complete a series of tests to uncover any underlying health issues that may complicate you or your child’s ability to use human growth hormone.

HGH Blood Tests for Adults

The process is relatively straightforward for adults and requires only a few tests, which we have included below. The main of which is the IGF-1, or insulin-like growth factor-1 (or IGF-1), is tested to evaluate if you are producing enough natural growth hormone.

Can growth hormone affect me if I have a disease?

Chronic degenerative diseases are always a risk; that is why it is essential to do the blood panel to rule out unwanted side effects. Without doing laboratory studies, HGH can accelerate the disease and cause unwanted damage. It is essential that before taking HGH, we receive the authorization of the health expert at hand, that is, the doctor.

HGH Tests for Men & Women


This is the sugar that the body’s cells use for energy. Normal levels are maintained primarily by using the insulin produced by your body to transport glucose into your cells to be used for energy. In cases of high levels, it could be an indicator of diabetes.

Urea, Creatinine & BUN

Creatinine, urea, and blood urea nitrogen are waste by-products of normal metabolism. They give us an idea of your kidney function. There has to be a correlation between them when they are abnormal to identify intrinsic kidney injury or failure. Their values are altered with respect to urea and blood urea nitrogen (BUN blood depends directly on the urea, so it is expected that if the urea is high, the BUN also be.

A1 C

This test informs us about how your body is managing your blood sugar level and gives us an idea of its management in the last 3 months

Prostatic Specific Antigen

This test is a marker for evaluating the health of your prostate. If the value is greater than 4, it warrants further investigation regarding tumor growth.

Hematic Biometry

This gives us a snapshot of your general health among other factors.

Liver Profile

Liver profile tests are made up of a series of combined tests for proteins and enzymes. Among these is a substance called HDL and alkaline phosphatase, which increases significantly with tissue damage or tumor activity.

Lipid profiles tell us about your cholesterol and triglycerides.


This measures your current levels of testosterone.

Somatropin (GH) & IGF-1

These tests directly assess growth hormone activity.

Additional Tests for Men Only

Testosterone (Free)

This measures your current levels of testosterone.


This hormone is checked as sometimes the applied testosterone can change through a process called aromatization, keeping testosterone levels low.

Additional Tests for Women Only


CA 125 test measures the volume of the protein CA 125, or cancer antigen 125 in your blood. CA125 tests may be used to monitor certain cancers during and after your treatment.

HGH Tests for Children

Bone Age X-rays

Bone age X-rays consist of studies of the hands and wrists, which our specialists can then check to see if the growth plates are still open and identify the bones’ age in years. If the bone age is lower than the child’s actual age, this is a sign of GH deficiency.

Blood Testing for GH in Kids

Measuring exact GH levels can be challenging as the body makes it short bursts, more than often during the night. So with this in mind, our physicians look at the levels of 2 proteins with more constant levels and are indicators of GH function. These are IGF-I, insulin-like growth factor I, and IGFPB-3, or insulin-like growth factor binding protein-3.

For more information on HGH for kids visit our dedicated section.

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