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HGH For Adults

HGH for Adults Treatment Explained

Once you contact us we can begin the process of purchasing HGH for Adults. We then begin analyzing whether or not HGH is a suitable option for you. To do this we need to determine your goals and current physical condition.

Why take HGH as an adult

At the age of around 30, your natural growth hormone levels will reach a peak and your IGF-1 level will slowly begin its natural decline. This is normal and negatively affects your physical presence, your general energy levels, your sleep, and your sex drive among many other things. in the past there wasn’t much you could do to avoid the inevitable decline, however, the good news is now hormone replacement is available you can delay this process. According to Dr. Axe promote muscle growth, weight loss, and general wellbeing.

Bloodwork or blood panel for HGH – What we will check for

Before you can buy HGH there a few things to bear in mind. First, HGH is a controlled medication, and entry to the US requires a valid HGH Prescription from a doctor. For you to be able to buy the medication you are required to do a blood test which will then be analyzed by one of our recommended doctors. The purpose of the blood test is to identify any underlying health issues which may affect your eligibility for treatment with HGH.

For example, cancer can be accelerated by the use of growth hormones. The tests also give us a look at your general health and current IGF-1 levels so the doctor can provide you with an HGH dosage plan or protocol. Generally, the doctor recommends that you do follow-up blood work after three months so he can advise on your HGH Dosage.

How long will the HGH for Adults treatment last?

Each person has a natural range of HGH – the idea is to raise your level to within the upper part of that which requires a higher dosage, then a smaller maintenance dosage moving forward. The treatment can last as long as you like, or when you reach your goals. However, we would recommend a minimum of 3-6 months of treatment. This will allow the doctor to give you the best chance at seeing the real benefits of HGH.

How much does HGH Cost in Mexico?

when it comes to HGH Prices it can get a little confusing as the cost can be based on various different aspects including:-

  • A treatment per year which would depend on your dosage
  • A package of for example 720iu (International Units) or 240mg (Milligrams)
  • A Price Per Box which depends on the presentation, for example, Norditropin has 3 different
  • presentations 5mg/15iu, 10mg/30iu & 15mg/45iu.

Generally speaking, it would not make sense to fly down to Mexico to buy just one or two boxes of HGH when legally you can return to the US with a 90 day supply. For more information on the legalities of traveling with HGH click here.

Is the HGH for Adults in Mexico real?

There are many companies in Mexico selling HGH, most of which have chains of pharmacies and fake reviews so it can get a little confusing as to who to go with. Our company sells the same brands of growth hormone that are available in the United States, the only difference is the price. These brands are 100% authentic and include:-

Our advice is not to jump in too fast and go through the correct process under the supervision of a doctor. Each of our products can be verified by the Lot number and Expiry Date and we are approved by the Cofepris (Mexican Equivalent to the FDA) as well as the Secretaria de Salud Mexico. If you have any doubt or questions regarding the authenticity of our products, feel free to reach out to us.

Where to buy HGH for Adults in Mexico

When it comes to where we are pretty open, you can pick your destination. If you are used to business traveling or a city lover we would recommend Mexico City. There are frequent flights and easy to stop in and out in a day. If you are on the East Coast US and a beach lover we would recommend Cancun, the flights are shorter and more frequent. For People in the West of the US, Tijuana, Puerto Vallarta or Cabo San Lucas are probably your best option. All of the above destinations are safe and easy for us to get you the medication with no hiccups. Our concierge can help you with flights, transfers, and hotels to help make your trip go smoothly.

Shipping HGH from Mexico to the US

We get asked if we can ship HGH to the US a lot and the answer is NO. Human Growth Hormone is a controlled medication and cannot be shipped from Mexico into the US. It has to be carried by the patient and accompanied by a valid prescription. You can view more information and official links here.

What do you get when buying HGH for Adults in Mexico?

If you decide to choose us we will provide you with the service and medication you deserve. Your medication will be placed in a convenient travel cooler, packed with gel ice packs and the doctor’s prescription and travel letter in a separate binder for safekeeping. You will also get our guaranteed support during and after your treatment protocol.

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