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Humatrope® Pen
By Eli Lilly
For Sale

Humatrope Pens are prepared in different presentations, 6mg, 12mg, and 24mg, and are administered using a HumatroPen® device subcutaneously. Humatrope comes in an easy-to-use pen format and carry holder to protect the pen. The cartridges are loaded onto the pen and disposed of after use so you can re-use the pen.

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Package Prices for Humatrope

60mg | 180iu

Package One
$ 2299
  • 5 x 12mg / 36iu Boxes
  • Needle Tips
  • Travel Cooler
  • Ice Packs
  • Prescription

120mg | 360iu

Package Two
$ 3499
  • 10 x 12mg / 36iu Boxes
  • Needle Tips
  • Travel Cooler
  • Ice Packs
  • Prescription
  • Shipping (National)*

240mg | 720iu

Package Three
$ 6349
  • 20 x 12mg / 36iu Boxes
  • Needle Tips
  • Travel Cooler
  • Ice Packs
  • Prescription
  • Bloodwork
  • Shipping (National)*
Big Saver

How long will each package last?

The chart below shows the duration in days depending on your daily dosage (left) and the total package amount (top). For example, 180IU at 2IU a day would last 90 days. 

60mg / 180iu120mg / 360iu240mg / 720iu
0.66mg | 2iu Per Day90 Days180 Days360 Days
1.33mg / 4iu Per Day45 Days90 Days180 Days
2.00mg / 6iu Per Day30 Days60 Days120 Days
2.67mg / 8iu Per Day22 Days45 Days90 Days

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What is The Humatrope Pen Price

The individual Humatrope pen price depends on the presentation, for example, one Humatrope 12mg / 36IU pen would cost around $349.00usd. However buying one pen isn’t generally in the clients’ interest, as one pen at 2IU per day would only last 18 days. So for that reason, our clients opt for buying a larger quantity, or package. For example, a 720IU package costs $6,349.99usd and would reduce the number of trips to Mexico to restock. To view the limits on how much you can return home with, click here.

What is the cost of Humatrope in the USA?

According to GoodRX.com, the same Humatrope 12mg at Target (CVS) could cost you as much as $1623.59usd for just one pen! That’s a whopping $1274.59usd difference between buying in the US and buying in Mexico. Now multiply that for example your 3 month supply and you can see the savings in Mexico are enormous. With the amount that you save you can book your travel, accommodation and still save every year!

What’s the recommended Humatrope Dosage?

The recommended Humatrope dosage varies, depending on your levels, age, etc. We recommend following the guidelines of a medical professional, this will be stated on the doctor’s prescription for HGH. We also advise you to view guidelines on the official Humatrope Website.

Do You Sell Authentic Humatrope for sale?

Absolutely! The Humatrope pens we have for sale are 100% authentic and are approved by Cofepris (the Mexican equivalent of the FDA). It’s also approved by the Secretaria de Salud. The Pens are made and imported by Eli Lilly, with the same quality as the US.

Can the Humatrope pen be used for Weight Loss?

The Humatrope pens are not designed specifically for weight loss, however in adults, they can be an aid. GH injections have been shown to decrease fat deposits, increase muscle mass, and speed up recovery time, although it is considered off-label use. If your primary goal is weight loss then the doctor would most likely prescribe a medication such as Saxenda, and advise you to work with a nutritionist and/or fitness instructor.

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