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Authentic HGH For Sale In Mexico

Create a brighter future for you or your child by purchasing HGH for sale in Mexico. Experience enhanced growth and improved wellbeing, unlocking new possibilities for physical vitality and development.

Find out why 100's of clients pick us for their HGH Treatments

The Biggest Brands Of HGH For Sale In Mexico
At A Price You Can Afford​

We think big, so we can bring you the biggest brands, to reach the biggest goals with the biggest savings possible! You can literally save thousands of USD per year by buying your HGH in Mexico.

Big Brands, Big Goals, Big Savings!!!

5mg | 10mg | 15mg

Norditropin by Novo Nordisk

5MG | 10MG | 15MG

Omnitrope by Sandoz

6MG | 12MG | 18MG

Genotropin by Pfizer

6MG | 12MG | 18MG

Saizen by Merck Serono

Your Health is our Priority

So why Buy HGH Injections
With Us

Simply put, you are our priority. From the get-go, you will receive first-class attention and support in answering any questions you may have, booking travel, accommodation and we only sell authentic HGH by the major brands such as Norditropin, Omnitrope, Humatrope, and more. Everything will be made as easy and smooth as possible for you, so you can relax and enjoy your vacation. Not only that but we have the most Accessible prices on the market! Don’t miss out!

We are 100% transparent on our pricing, offering the lowest prices in Mexico, along with flexible payment methods. 

Throughout the process, we'll work with our certified doctors to get your bloodwork approved and your prescription to return safely home!

Worried about the legalities? Don't! We've put together all the official references you need to travel home legally and safely. 

Worried about fraud? So are we! At HGHmx, we understand buyer protection and for that reason, we offewr safe and secure payments with all major credit cards. 

Whether it's for yourself or your child, we have you covered. If you have results ready, send them over by email! If not, we can arrange them in one of our approved partner labs. 

Relax! Have a Vacation! You can visit anywhere in Mexico* and we'll get the medication to your hotel or the closest pickup point. 

Buying Safely & Legally

Learn More About
Legal HGH For Sale

HGHmx is a legal and licensed pharmacy in Mexico and we carry only authentic products with approval from Cofepris (the Mexican equivalent of the FDA) as well as the Secretaria de Salud. We have put together all the information containing official links, extracts, and videos on our legal page so you can verify directly with government resources that you can travel with HGH – as well as tips for traveling. 

HGH Prescriptions

Real HGH for Sale
With a Prescription

Each of our valued customers has access to our selected and experienced doctors, nurses, and staff to help arrange your travel, accommodation, blood draw, analysis, and more. Not only that but there is no running around – we bring everything straight to your hotel so that you can enjoy your vacation. Our 100% authentic HGH will be delivered to you at your accommodation in Mexico or a local pickup point, accompanied by the HGH prescription, travel cooler, travel letter, and all you need to get home without a hitch.

Quick & Easy Pickup

Where to Collect Your
HGH in Mexico​

Already have plans to travel to Mexico? Just click on your destination below to see details on how to get HGH in your specific area. If you don't find your location on the map, don't panic! Just contact us and we'll do the rest. If you are waiting for a package to arrive, you can check the live status on the link below. 

Learn How to
Get HGH in Mexico

Lets's take a look at how you can get HGH legally and easily in Mexico. 

What Tests Are Needed To Buy HGH

To be able to get HGH Injections for sale in Mexico you will need to complete a series of simple blood tests – but not to worry – we arrange this for you with our trusted nurses and doctors. The HGH tests are different for adults than for children. For adults, it’s a blood panel that is used to check your general health and wellbeing, also to check for any underlying conditions which may prevent you from taking HGH. For children, the endocrinologist will check first if the child’s growth plates are still open and if there is an opportunity for growth using an X-Ray of the left hand before moving on to further analysis.

HGH for Sale at the Lowest Prices Around

When you first start investigating prices, it can be a little daunting, but not to worry, we are here to make things simple. The price of HGH in Mexico is much lower than the US, which makes it more accessible, especially when it comes to children, who generally require a much higher dosage. As an example, in the US, a year’s supply of one of the bigger brands of HGH – like Norditropin – can cost you up to a whopping 30k USD. But in Mexico, the price comes in at a fraction of that – less than $5k for 720iu.

Need more info? Send us your contact details, or chat live to discuss your requirements with one of our experts.

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