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Low Sugar and Low-Fat Ways To Satisfy The Sweet Tooth

Not everyone can be satisfied with fruits, even if they are at their perfect ripeness, and can be smuggled across the universe with the label of ‘Fruits from The Garden of Eden.’ If you are from the above-described category of people, you have my sympathies. 

You still need some sugar to satisfy your sweet tooth, and if the fruit does not fulfill your needs, there are many great alternatives. There are various other ways to enjoy a healthy dish that will satisfy your sweet tooth. 

First, you need to do is replace your refined white “empty calories” sugar with unrefined raw sugars or honey. Studies have demonstrated that using unrefined raw sugars instead of white sugar will increase antioxidants’ intake—the same as the amount found in a single serving of fruits or berries.

Here are a few ways to inspire you to make a change:-


Mmmm, chocolate, it’s delicious. But unfortunately, most of the commercial chocolates have a very high amount of sugar and calories, without offering much nutrition. Although, there is a way to satisfy the craving for chocolate and get some nutrients too. Chocolate-covered fruits! 

You can dip your favorite fruit in melted chocolate and cool it to form a healthy (somewhat) and satisfying treat. Experiment with different fruits & nuts to find your perfect combinations. 

Ice creams

Everyone loves ice creams, even those with lactose intolerance. Ok, maybe some don’t, but most people love ice creams, and commercial ice creams are not particularly healthy. Try making your own ice-creams!

The advantage you will have over commercial ice creams is that you can use honey or unrefined raw sugars, fresh fruits, and no preservatives and artificial flavors. Or vegetable oil, there is vegetable oil in many commercial ice creams too. It is usually written on the label as edible vegetable oil, isn’t that a relief. Homemade ice cream will still have cream, though, but you can use low-fat cream. You can also have a fruit smoothie made with milk, a little vanilla essence, or extract, and you can easily fool your head tool into believing that you are drinking ice cream.


Mmmm, yogurt, delicious for many! Blend it with your favorite fruit, and you have a delicious yogurt smoothie. Different types of honey work incredibly well with yogurt too. You can also freeze it and enjoy homemade frozen yogurt. 

Rest assured, it will offer more in terms of nutrition when compared to commercial frozen yogurts. 

So you are someone who has lactose intolerance and a sweet tooth; milk smoothies, frozen yogurts, and ice creams don’t sit well in your stomach. Even though fate has been awfully cruel to you, you can still satisfy your cravings. 

Try a sorbet

Sorbet is frozen fruit puree or juice but churned to make it scoopable like ice cream. Add honey or raw sugar, then freeze it using the same method suggested for ice creams. You can also enjoy a chilled fruit slush, or you can freeze the fruit puree, completely up to you!

Atkins Nutritional Bars 

Nutritional Bars can be wonderful products created for those following the low-carb Atkins diet that does not consume any type of sugar. 

These bars are healthy and delicious and include brownies, chocolate bars, peanut butter bars, raspberry breakfast bars, and many more, all 100% sugar-free. They also offer a fantastic line of shakes, sugar-free and delicious in Chocolate, Vanilla, Coffee, and Strawberry flavors. 

Try these simple ideas for healthy and sweet dishes the next time your sweet tooth demands attention; you will have a frolicking time eating them while getting some nutrients too. 


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